fire stick remote setup and universal remote codes

Amazon Fire stick Setup

  1. Unlike other remotes, the batteries in Alexa Remote are to be positioned in the same direction.
  2. Once done with step 1, connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your TV’s High-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port and the charger or adapter into the nearby socket & switch on the TV.
  3. Press and hold onto the home button of the Alexa Remote to start with the installation process.

What’s in the Fire Stick Box : 

Amazon Fire Stick What's in the Box


Amazon Prime Fire Stick Setup


Fire stick can be used with universal remote control, see the wiring diagram to setup IR reader to control TV

Step 1

Press the Mode for the TV with the Smart Hub (i.e. A,B,C,D) after the TV device code is programmed.

Step 2

Press the SET button until the LED blinks twice.

Step 3

Enter 994 and then press the Set button and release.

Step 4

Enter Universal remote code listed below and then press the Display button. The LED should blink twice

Step 5

This will program the Display button to access the TV's Smart Hub when pressed in the

Fire Stick Universal remote codes by TV Brand

  • Haier-------------00639
  • Hisense----------00551
  • Insignia----------00545
  • JVC----------------29247
  • LG-----------------00516, 00683
  • Magnavox------61553
  • Panasonic-------47149
  • Philips------------63428
  • Samsung---------00521
  • Sanyo-------------00279
  • Sharp-------------43500
  • Sony--------------14917
  • TCL----------------00629, 00492
  • Toshiba----------52389
  • VIZIO--------------00344
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