Why Are User Preferences Not Migrated After Upgrade From Siebel 7.x to 8.x?

In Siebel version 7.x and higher, saved user preferences such as columns displayed and column size settings are stored by the Siebel application in .spf User Preference files.

 For users on Siebel Mobile or Siebel Dedicated Web Clients, User Preference files are saved by default on the local client machine in the SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT\bin directory.

 For users on Siebel Web Clients, User Preference files are saved in the "userpref" subdirectory of the Siebel File System.

 In Siebel version 6.x, saved user preferences and user settings are stored in .pre and .ssf files. For more information about these files, review Document 476422.1 What information is contained in the Siebel.pre and Siebel.ssf files?

The Issue

The format of the .spf files containing saved User Preferences is different between Siebel versions.  

Product Management has officially stated that migration of User Preference files from one major release to another is not supported. However, customers can try migrating these files at their own risk.

Workaround Solution

The current, officially supported workaround solution is for customers to reset their User Preferences after the upgrade is completed.  In other words, delete .spf file and users set their user preferences again.

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